Friday, September 21, 2018

Earn Bitcoin With Reading Articles in PIVOT

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What is PIVOT?
Pivot, invested by Binance, is one of the largest and the most successful cryptocurrency community in China.

What is Bonus?
In order to encourage users to promote the Pivot community, we decided to organize a campaign called “Daily BTC Bonus” for 7 days. The bonus is one BTC per day.

What is POWER?
One bitcoin will be distributed to users as bonus per day,POWER is the certificate of “Daily BTC Bonus”, which decides how much BTC Bonus you can get. For example, if 10000 POWER is distributed to all users in one day, and user A gets 100 POWER, then he/she will receive 1% of the BTC in the bonus pool of this day, which is 0.01BTC ≈ 63USD.

How to get POWER?
Read a post or share it
(For every post that you read, you will be rewarded with 200 POWER. The maximum reward is 4000 POWER per day!)

Login in with facebook or gmail and earn reward download app.

After login trough the apps, click on Blue Button 'Daily tasks for POWER

Here you can do the task to earn POWER

After finish read an article, you can see Light Yellow Button with 'GET READ POWER' then click it.

 Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

WestLand Storage Review

Invest in real estate & Get 1% daily lifetime

You can be one of share owner of real estate around the world.

Invest in real estate and get a daily profit from their lease for LIFETIME.

It‘s your possibility to become an investor in real estate and get passive lifelong income.

You can make it in just few clicks. Invest today and start receiving profit tomorrow.

6 Reasons Why I Invest in WLS?

1. Its EASY & SIMPLE to understand
2. Its simple Math for my SIDE INCOME - receiving profit every single day
3. It comes with two option for now, FREE investment (bounty) or invest with real money/crypto.
4. Good opportunity for everyone
5. They got apps - easy to monitor our investment
This is How Westland Storage Operations 

How to Start with Westland Storage?

1. OK, first you have to register on WestLand Storage.

2. Make a deposit if you wanna earn 1% daily LIFETIME, otherwise you can earn 0.1% daily with settle down every bounty.


Bounty is an opportunity for you to earn without investing. All you need to do is complete some simple tasks that you can find below. For each task you get a certain reward.

Complete the tasks, register them and wait for verification. After that you will receive your reward and start earning. Your activity is checked manually. It can take up to 48 hours.

This is sample what you can get if you do the simple bounty
0.1% Daily Profit without any investment after you do the bounty

Every operations or transaction (daily) 
You can start the investment with any crypto like this or you can use advcash/visa
You can see amount of your investment & witdhrawn total in their apps like this

 Come & Join For FREE or With Minimum USD100 Investment, It's Your Choise

This Is Your BIG Chance To Get USD230 For FREE...

Get the same investment
opportunity as the 1%
Invest in high quality alternative assets
No matter where you are via our crowdfunding Marketplace

This Is Your BIG Chance To Get USD230 For FREE...

Let's Go Guys, LIMITED TIME ONLY...Follow this step :

1. Register
2. Email must be verify
3. Complete the form
4. KYC - Just need a picture of your front passport or ID

* You Must Have a MEW Wallet or Others ERC20 Wallet

What is Wealthblock?

Access to top investment opportunities around the globe
Restricted by your location, capital or qualification? We are designed for that. Our technology removes all barriers of entry to make top investments accessible to you.

Enhance your decision-making
Need help selecting the right offering? Our decision-making expert system, massive computing power and big data, will make personalized recommendations tailored to your needs.

Execute with discipline
Too busy or lazy to save and invest? We'll automate everything for you and reward you for your disciplined execution.

Lifetime Mining Contracts - FREE 50 GHS (Lifetime)

Bitcoin Virtual Mining Contracts. Earn Cryptocurrency daily with Cloud mining platform.


- Free 50 GHS (Lifetime)
- Virtual Mining
- No Difficulty Increase
- No Maintenance Fee
- 15% Affiliate Bonus

Question & Answer :

Q:What is Cryptomining.Farm?
A: Cryptomining.Farm was lunched on September, 2014 to give VIrtual Mining Contracts services to most people.

Q:What is GHS on Cryptomining.Farm?
A: GHS is VIrtual Mining hashrate. We don't have any real bitcoin asic hardware.

Q:What is Bitcoin(BTC) ?
A: Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it.

Q:What is Tether(USDT) ?
A: Tether is a peer-to-peer digital currency, created in bitcoin blockchain.

Q: What is no Difficulty Increase?
A: You can get profit (estimaterate rate 0.0009USDT/1GHS/day)  for 15 years,

Q: How to Mining Calculator?
A: Please visit

Q: How to buy GHS
A: You may pay with BTC,UNIT on menu
(GHS auto add to your account after 6 confirm )

Q: Why my account are suspended?
A: you can mining on demo account in first 7day, your free miner are stop after 7day. you need to buy 20GHS minimum .

Q: Can i withdraw from free 50/ghs or referrer bonus?
A: you can withdraw all your balance when you purchased minimum request.

A: UNIT like(better than) Bitcoin, for more information please visit

Q: What is Google 2FA ?
A: Google 2 FA Stronger security for your Account With 2-Step Verification
To enable Google Two-Factor Authentication, go to Account --> Profile --> Edit